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1Kept Charleston

December 15, 2017

[Updated 12/15/17]

I recently had the pleasure of trying out 1Kept, the new restaurant taking the place of Barony Tavern (RIP) at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Charleston. I’d been able to attend the grand opening party (where I met Andrew Zimmern, nbd), but hadn’t really gotten a chance to try any of the food, so I was excited to experience Charleston’s trendiest new restaurant with my friend and fellow food blogger Elise (aka Cookin’ With Booze).

And featuring art from local artists, too!

We started with some of their signature Black Truffle Popcorn with grated parmesan cheese ($6). The popcorn was nice and crispy and the black truffle element was subtle enough to not be overpowering, and also complemented the parmesan really nicely. Basically, put enough parmesan on anything and I’ll eat it.

Movies theaters really need to start serving this stuff.

Next up, we were really intrigued by the Duck Fat Cornbread, which was served with a red pepper jelly ($6). The flavor of the duck fat came through pretty strongly in the cornbread, but the pepper jelly was nice to cut the flavor and make it all come together really well. The cornbread itself had a nice moisture content; it wasn’t too dry or too wet, which was nice. We also saved the pepper jelly and used it to flavor some of the other things we ordered. It’s a wonder condiment!

Red pepper jelly over everything.

Because I’m addicted to Brussels sprouts, we ordered the Fried Brussels (roasted red peppers, apple gastrique, salt & vinegar, $9) and I was seriously impressed. I’m not sure if they boiled the sprouts before they fried them or what, but the stem of the sprouts (which tend to be the toughest, chewiest part of the veggie) was like butter. The outer leaves were nice and crispy, meaning I could eat them by the bushel.

Brussels sprouts for life!

The Pork Meatballs (roasted pickled fennel, carrot, balsamic reduction, $10) were really nice. They had more of a Swedish meatball consistency than an Italian meatball, with a nice springiness and a more compact mouthfeel. The addition of the pickled fennel, carrots, and cilantro gave them a nice Asian flair. Pro tip: they also taste amazing when dipped in the pepper jelly.

Also, grilled pickled fennel is one of my new favorite vegetables.

For a main course, we opted to split 2 entrees, which they graciously pre-cut and served to us so that we didn’t have to do all the dirty work ourselves, which was awesome. The first entrée we split was their signature Chicken Schnitzel (with herb späetzle, braised red cabbage, kale, caramelized onion cream sauce, $19). The panko breading on the outside was fried to a nice crisp, while the chicken inside was still super thin and juicy. The true star of the dish, however, was the caramelized onion gravy, which probably would be delicious on anything. It was creamy and thick without that weird congealyness (a word I totally didn’t just make up) that gravy can sometimes get, and had a nice depth of flavor that really went amazingly with the chicken. The spaetzle noodles had some kind of lemon zest on them which really helped to brighten up the dish and trick my brain into thinking I was eating something light and summery.

Germany meets Charleston in the best possible way!

The second entrée was the Shrimp & Grits (Pimento cheese, scallions, arrabbiata sauce, $22), which are served quite differently than the typical option you’ll find around town. The arrabbiata sauce was smoky and a little spicy and complemented the pimento cheesiness of the grits really excellently. I liked that it was a nice twist on a traditional Southern recipe so that you get something that is at once different and familiar.

Pimento cheese grits are the ticket!

Update so it’s been a while since I wrote about 1Kept, but I actually tend to visit the restaurant about once a month because it’s so delicious. I’ve been for lunch, dinner, and happy hour and had a great time at each. Let’s talk about the pimento cheese board (Grilled sourdough, tomato jam, grain mustard, bacon jam, pickled veg, $13), which is one of my favorite starters. The cheese is lightly smoked so it has a little bit more smokiness than your typical pimento cheese. Also, the pickled veggies, especially chef’s secret pickle recipe, are fantastic. Idk what he does to those pickles, but I would eat them by themselves. They’re so good.

Now that’s a cheese board

Another favorite appetizer is the fried okra (house hot sauce, remoulade, $9). They slice the okra lengthwise before breading and frying, which gets rid of a lot of that token sliminess that a lot of people find so offputting about okra. The breading is super light and crispy, and it’s lightly fried so the whole thing practically melts in your mouth. Also, the homemade hot sauce is fantastic. I’m not usually a fan of hot sauce, but I’m totally on board for this. 

As southern as it gets.

As someone who’s kind of obsessed with heirloom tomatoes, I’m pretty critical when it comes to HT dishes. But the Heirloom Tomato Salad (Local tomatoes, pomegranate, crusted mozzarella, assorted lettuces, balsamic, $12) exceeded my very high expectations. The tomatoes were perfectly ripe and tasted like summer sunshine. The crusted mozzarella was a perfect complement to the tomatoes, and I loved the little crunch from the sprinkled pomegranate seeds. I didn’t want this dish to end!

And I am not usually one to gush about a salad, but … gush.

For lunch, I tried their house burger (Smoked pimento, Benton’s bacon, peach BBQ, Cement Pickle Relish®) with Togarashi Spicy fries, and was not disappointed. The burger was perfectly cooked, and the smoked pimento added a great extra layer of flavor that complemented the bacon perfectly. The addition of the cement pickle relish (which I want to put on everything, BTW) gave the burger a level of freshness and crunch. The fries were thin and crispy, and the Togarashi spice added a real subtle layer of heat.

Dat burger, tho.

Other entrees that I’ve loved have been the Kurobuta Pork Porterhouse (Sea Island red peas, sweet corn chow-chow, garlic mojo, cracklin, $25), which is so unique and delicious. First, the pork is cooked like a steak, and is so flavorful, I had to double check that they hadn’t switched out the meat by accident. The cracklin on top was kind of like a shrimp chip from a chinese restaurant and I really enjoyed listening to it crackle as I ate the pork. The chow-chow with the red peas was perfectly balanced in flavors. The whole dish is a winner!

It’s like dinner and a show.

I’m not usually a huge fan of fish (except on sushi), but the Prosciutto-Wrapped Scamp Grouper (Truffled Charleston Gold rice cake, local shrimp beurre monté, shishito peppers, asparagus, $27) is on a whole different level. The combination of the beurre monte and the truffle from the rice cake make this dish so rich and decadent. The fish was perfectly cooked and fork tender, and the rice cake gave a nice variety of textures in the dish. Every bite was like an explosion of flavor.

And plus, it looks like art on the plate!

The Cacio e Pepe (House-made pasta, black pepper, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano, soft egg, basil, $20) is another solid entree, especially if you’re a fan of cheesy pasta like me. The noodles are cooked al dente and I like that they definitely didn’t skimp out on the cheese. A lot of times when I get this dish, the sauce is too buttery and doesn’t really hold up, but 1Kept’s definitely doesn’t have this problem. My only complaint is that I would’ve preferred a poached egg so that I could’ve mixed it into the sauce instead of having to cut up the egg.

I don’t gotta type, pasta is the only thing that I like.

Let’s talk cocktails! So 1Kept does this awesome thing where the cold brew their drinks to give them extra flavor without having to add anything artificial. Cold brew here doesn’t refer to coffee, it’s about a slow-drip-infusion process (that looks like a science experiment happening behind the bar) that takes 36 hours to complete. My favorite of the cold-brew cocktails is the Summer White Negroni (Distillery no. 209 sauvignon blanc barrel aged gin, aperol, raspberry, vanilla, coriander, Dolin Blanc vermouth), which is so smooth, it’s dangerous.

Bartender, keep ’em coming.

I am also a fan of the Charleston Tea Old Fashioned (Hillbilly bourbon, Charleston Tea Plantation earl grey tea, black cherry, clementine peels), which is a great play on the classic cocktail. If you’re a fan of dark liquors, you’ll love this!

Plus, it makes me feel all Don Draper when I order one.

If you haven’t been to 1Kept yet, please go! You will not be disappointed!

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Charleston Restaurant News Restaurant Openings

I Met Andrew Zimmern, Y’all

June 14, 2017

How’s that for a headline? I mean, to be fair, I sort of stalked him through a crowd and enlisted the help of Charleston Foodie Babe to corner him into taking a pic, but still…a photo’s a photo.

Even if it’s not the greatest photo quality. Still counts!

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to a media open house for the new restaurant 1Kept in the Renaissance Hotel (replacing Barony Tavern, RIP). I had a plus one and invited my friend and fellow food blogger, Elise from Cookin’ With Booze. She’s also a fellow CofC grad, and a Yelp Elite and… (come to think of it, she might be trying to bodysnatch me…)

‘Cept she remembered the booze for the photo, so she’s already one step ahead of me.

The space is totally revamped from when it was Barony Tavern, instead of a campy hunting lodge, it now feels a lot more upscale without losing the rustic charm that I loved.

Andrew Zimmern is the Renaissance Hotels’ “Global Navigator” which as I understand it is basically a fancy word for “spokesman.” He was in town to help kick off the restaurant’s debut, and spent the day hanging out with awesome Charleston people like The Cocktail Bandits, Mike Lata, and Elise Testone. Hardly anyone seemed that impressed that he was there, but Elise and I definitely got a little starstruck. In fact, I think I still have the nail marks in my arm from where she grabbed me and whisper-shrieked “he’s here!” when he walked in.

Host of 1 Kept Opening Party! Andrew Zimmern checking out @rencharleston new digs & restaurant. #businessunusual

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The drinks available were your choice of a Moscow Mule or a Negroni, and it was Negroni week so obviously I had to try that (although you know I tried both cocktails and even let the Cocktail Bandits slip me a shot of tequila, because that’s how I roll).

The food was not as prevalent, and honestly as far as passed hors d’oeuvres go, not that impressive. But I also don’t think it was indicative of their actual menu.

  • Watermelon gazpacho with crab: best bite of the night-refreshing, sweet, a lot of crab
  • Pimento cheese toast: tomato jam on top had a nice sweetness that complemented the sharpness of the cheese
  • Skewer with pork and fruit: (I did not try this, but according to Elise) “the fruit was soaked in something and tasted artificial”
  • Steak with chimichurri: chimichurri had nice flavor, steak was really chewy and too big of a piece for a 1 bite appetizer. The potato offered little-to-no flavor

In addition to listening to Andrew introduce the new space, we also were treated to a mini-concert with Elise Testone, which was a very special treat.

Can’t wait to try out the actual food soon! Also, be sure to follow Elise on Instagram: @CookinWithBooze

Charleston Restaurant News Restaurant Openings

Félix “Cocktails et Cuisine” Coming to King Street

April 3, 2017

Construction is underway for Félix, a new Parisian inspired cocktail bar serving small plates, coming to upper King Street this summer.

Longtime restaurateur Félix Landrum has a profound passion for hospitality:

“I believe dining and drinking are experiences that should be cherished and enjoyed,” he said. “My family and I look forward to the opportunity to be part of the Charleston community.”

Félix is working in collaboration with Nathan Thurston of Thurston Southern. For a peek at what’s to come at 550 King Street, visit

Charleston Restaurant News Restaurant Openings

Chubby Fish to Open in Charleston This Spring

February 27, 2017

Already pegged as one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of 2017, partners Geoff Shyatt and James London are pleased to officially announce the opening of Chubby Fish, coming to Charleston in May 2017. Set to open at 252 Coming Street, on the corner of Bogard, the 1,300-square foot restaurant will highlight daily catches from local fisherman, expertly prepared in a casual setting.

So much seafooding.

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Shyatt and London, lifelong friends and South Carolina natives, have a collective 30 years in the restaurant industry, having worked in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Nashville. Their shared experience lends an air of promise to their first collaborative venture. Having identified a need for a reasonably-priced seafood restaurant with a chef-driven menu in Charleston, Shyatt and London believe that Chubby Fish will be the perfect compromise between fine-dining and a classic neighborhood joint. The restaurant’s counter-service model and open-kitchen plan allows guests to enjoy inventive, sustainable seafood dishes in an approachable atmosphere.

Chubby Fish (Facebook)

A preview menu is divided into Raw Bar selections, Small Plates, Entrees, and Whole Fish, complemented by a selection of seasonal side dishes. Early standouts include Chicken Fried Yellowtail Collars, Seasonal Pickles and Comeback Sauce; Hacked Softshell Crab Rice Bowl with Benton’s Bacon, XO Sauce, and A Slow Poached Egg; and Smoked Scallop Crudo with White Soy, Serrano, and Grapefruit. The menu will be rotating continuously, always highlighting the freshest ingredients available. An intelligently-curated bar program will include regional craft beers along with a few big names and an ever-evolving, boutique wine list.

Conceived in collaboration with Atlanta-based interior designer Elizabeth Ingram (Beetlecat, State of Grace, King + Duke, The Optimist), Chubby Fish’s 48-seat dining room will boast a bright, airy atmosphere with subtle nautical touches throughout. The space will have community-style seating, window banquettes, and an 8-seat chef counter. Future plans include a 16-seat patio for communal al fresco dining due in 2018.

A Clemson graduate, Managing Partner Shyatt has worked on some of the Southeast’s most up and coming dining landscapes. Most recently, Shyatt worked at Atlanta’s critically-acclaimed BoccaLupo named as one of Atlanta’s best restaurants by such publications as Southern Living, Garden & Gun, and The New York Times. Chef/Partner London, a graduate of both the College of Charleston and The French Culinary Institute, was the Executive Chef at the Michelin Guide recommended NIKO Restaurant, The Hotel on Rivington and San Francisco’s landmark Elite Café.

Charleston Restaurant News Restaurant Openings

The Granary Officially Re-Opens on Coleman Blvd

February 18, 2017

ICYMI, The Granary’s new Coleman Blvd location (835 Coleman Boulevard) officially reopened yesterday! The Granary delivers Lowcountry-inspired American fare featuring seasonal ingredients in an expanded and casual new space. The contemporary restaurant mirrors the inviting design previously staged at Belle Hall with a stylish interior featuring dark wood tables, high ceilings, industrial chandeliers and antique farm stools. New to the concept is an extensive raw bar, a 50-seat bar area and an al fresco dining space out front.

At the helm of the menu is executive chef Brannon Florie, a passionate proponent of local farmers, fisherman, brewers and distillers, who takes pride in celebrating the community. Florie works closely with chef de cuisine Chris Wehking, an honorable companion who uses his extensive science and experiment-oriented background to test his hand at new curing and pickling techniques, leading The Granary’s impressive charcuterie program.

Florie and Wehking have created a menu that boasts a selection of starters, vegetables and entrees featuring familiar and approachable Southern components. Entrée highlights include the braised short rib pot roast, duck Cassoulet, and Shem Creek shrimp and grits, as well as a fried shrimp Po boy and smoked barbecue spiced pork chop. Lighter options include vegetable selections of kale with sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and a roasted vegetable curry cauliflower flatbread. A kids menu is also available.

The bar program, led by beverage manager Roderick Weaver, includes an abundant selection of wine, beer, cocktails and whiskeys. Guests are invited to take a front row seat at the bar for happy hour every Monday through Friday, from 4 to 6 p.m. and enjoy $2 off draft beers, $5 house wines and mules, and $6 select small plates. Overseeing the front of house, general manager Lindsay Lenehan manages day to day operations and ensures quality service throughout the guests’ time at the restaurant.

“Chef Brannon has been a long-time partner of mine and I’m excited for him to be able to show off his capabilities in a great new space,” says Steve Palmer, managing partner of The Indigo Road. “We’re confident in the team we’ve put together and look forward to sharing our restaurant with you.”

The Granary now serves dinner Sunday through Thursday from 4 to 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 4 to 11 p.m. On Sundays, guests can indulge in half-priced bottles of wine, followed by a Lobster Roll special every Monday. Sunday brunch is served from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will begin in March. For more information, visit The Granary online and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Charleston Restaurant News Restaurant Openings

The Workshop

February 3, 2017

As a lover of food halls that I’ve toured around the country–namely Union Market in DC, West Side Market in Cleveland, and Krog Street Market in Atlanta–I’ve always wished that Charleston had one of its own. Luckily, one of my Charleston culinary heroes, Butcher & Bee Owner Michael Shemtov, along with Chef Jonathan Ory, heard my wishes via ESP and decided to make my dreams come true (or at least close enough) with their concept, Workshop.

Opening at 1503 King Street in Charleston, SC, at the Pacific Box & Crate site this March, this “fancy food court”—elevating the idea of a shared kitchen and dining space with multiple chef-driven restaurant concepts—is the first of its kind on the culinary scene in Charleston and offers a rotating roster of five food vendors with tenancies varying from 1 to 12 months. Butcher & Bee curates the space and tenants, presenting out-of-town chefs a short-term home in Charleston, culinary up-and-comers a brick-and-mortar option, and veteran chefs a venue in which to experiment with new concepts.

The initial lineup of tenants includes:

  • Tex and Mex” concept from Pitmaster John Lewis, featuring barbecue sandwiches and plates inspired by his popular Tex Mex Tuesday nights at the acclaimed Lewis Barbecue
  • Pink Bellies from Zagat 30 Under 30 Chef/Owner Thai Phi, building on the popularity of his Vietnamese food truck that currently roves the streets of Charleston
  • Slice Co., serving wood-fired pizza by the slice and pie from New York City transplant Todd Lucey, formerly of Best Pizza in Brooklyn
  • JD Loves Cheese, a grilled cheese, soup, and salad collaboration between Butcher & Bee Executive Pastry Chef Cynthia Wong and her husband, John David Harmon, a wine professional and self-professed caseophile
  • A progressive, vegetable-forward Korean concept by Ory—who will also operate the permanent brick-and-mortar location of Bad Wolf Coffee, offering his much-loved pastries with acclaimed roaster Four Barrel Coffee by day and light dinner fare, snacks, and wine by night.

“At Workshop, chefs, food truck operators, and restaurateurs have the opportunity to open a restaurant in a few days with a few thousand dollars,” Shemtov says. “We wanted to keep the space flexible, adaptable, and accommodating to both the local culinary community and our peers from other cities who would like to test out their ideas and concepts in Charleston for creative development or potential expansion, even if they’re long on passion but short on cash.”


With its rotating line-up of tenants in five food stalls and a fully equipped prep kitchen, Workshop offers interested chefs and restauranteurs an incubator space in which to try something new or trial a current popup or food truck in a physical space. From street food to delis, pizza to burgers, and beyond, Workshop invites in tenants with diverse offerings and meal periods. Butcher & Bee—which operates in Charleston and Nashville, as well as oversees sister concept The Daily in Charleston—manages the experience, investing in the success of each tenant’s business.


Inside Workshop, there is a separate stall for each tenant, as well as a shared 3,000-square-foot, fully equipped kitchen. The stalls range in size, 300-800 square feet, the largest of which has its own hood. Indoor and outdoor seating can accommodate upward of 300 people, along with ample space for parking. The dedicated, fully equipped prep kitchen also allows for a variety of events, pop-ups, and festivals at Workshop. With the explosion of growth on Charleston’s Upper Peninsula and key anchor tenants signed on for adjacent buildings, Workshop is poised to be a gastronomic hub in Charleston. Interested Workshop tenants can contact

Pacific Box & Crate

Charleston-based architecture studio The Middleton Group designed Pacific Box & Crate’s two new freestanding 20,000-square-foot buildings, one of which encompasses Workshop’s 10,000-square-foot space as well as the adjacent Bad Wolf Coffee, above which is the Reverb Yoga studio from Ashley Bell. Workshop is already in good company at Pacific Box & Crate: The other Middleton Group-designed building is home to cybersecurity agency PhishLabs, and an 80,000-square-foot warehouse renovated by local architecture firm LS3P includes real estate software developers BoomTown, Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company, and cloud-based communications platform CrowdReach. The Raven Cliff Company has overseen the buildout of Pacific Box & Crate, the initial phase of which encompasses 130,000 square feet across nearly 10 acres of land.

For more information on Workshop, contact, and the full website launches later this month.

Charleston Restaurant News Restaurant Openings

The Granary to Re-Open in Mount Pleasant

January 25, 2017

In February 2017, longtime partnersBrannon Florie and Steve Palmer will reopen Mount Pleasant restaurant, The Granary,at a new location on 835 Coleman Boulevard. Joining The Indigo Road Hospitality Group’s family of restaurants, The Granary will continue to deliver Lowcountry inspired American fare featuring seasonal ingredients in an expanded and casual new space. 

Led by executive chef Brannon Florie, the culinary team will serve familiar Southern dishes such as shrimp and grits, fried chicken and pork belly, in addition to distinctively innovative plates like bone marrow and duck pot pie. Popular favorites from the original menu such as the Brussels sprouts and tempura shrimp will also be offered at the new location. A strong supporter of the South Carolina farming community, Florie’s menu will reflect the seasonal bounty of the region with featured ingredients that are sourced from local farms and purveyors such as Sea Island red peas and Jimmy Red Corn grits. The menu will also include extensive happy hour specials, a daily changing small plate, entrée specials and a dedicated kids menu. New to the concept is a raw bar which features local items like Bulls Bay oysters and clams, as well as carefully sourced regional selections from the west and northeast coasts.

“After years of working with chef Brannon, we are looking forward to playing a bigger role in the reopening of The Granary,” said The Indigo Road managing partner Steve Palmer. “The new space will provide a convenient location for our guests to visit and also has allowed us to build a 50 seat bar area, full raw bar and outdoor patio.”

To complement the culinary program, newly appointed beverage manager Roderick Weaver will craft the cocktail, wine and beer menus for the 50-seat bar. Formerly the opening bar manager at Lewis Barbecue, the city’s latest craze, and the director of cocktails and spirits at Sean Brock’s esteemed Husk, Weaver brings more than 20 years of experience to his new role at The Granary. The contemporary restaurant mirrors the inviting design previously at Belle Hall with casual, stylish interior with dark wood tables, exposed industrial elements and antique farm stools.

“Although the place looks a little different, we’re maintaining the integrity of the restaurant by keeping fan-favorites like happy hour offers, the date night menu and lobster roll Mondays,” said Florie. “We’ve worked with Steve and his team to boost the programming and menu with hopes of being a go-to spot for Mt. Pleasant residents and beyond.”

The Granary, located at 835 Coleman Boulevard, will be open Sunday through Thursday from 4 to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 4 to 11 p.m. and for Sunday brunch from10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For updates, visit The Granary online and on Twitter, Facebook andInstagram. In anticipation for the reopening, The Granary is actively hiring. If interested, please apply here.

Charleston Restaurant News Restaurant Openings

Rappahnnock Oyster Co Expands to Charleston

November 30, 2016

Rappahannock Oyster Company has been part of the fabric of the Chesapeake Bay community since 2002, when co-owners Travis and Ryan Croxton took over their family’s 100 year-old oyster farm, reinvigorating the local oyster industry. They are thrilled to continue to grow their company and head to Charleston, opening in the Cigar Factory in early 2017.


Not your ordinary oyster bar, Rappahannock Oyster Bar in Charleston will be a bar, restaurant, and market offering a high quality menu of light and bright seafood-focused dishes, raw bar, and locally-inspired cocktails. Chef Kevin Kelley, who established the Rappahannock Oyster Bar in Washington D.C. as a local favorite, will oversee the menu, bringing global flavor influences to his seasonal preparations.

The restaurant will share a pantry with a market in the front of the space, allowing guests to purchase many of the same ingredients used by the kitchen, including fresh Rappahannock oysters. Guests can enjoy their oysters, dishes, and drinks outside on the space’s patio, which seats 46, or within the 152-seat indoor bar and dining room.

Charleston Restaurant News Charleston, SC Restaurant Openings

Crust Pizza Opens 2nd Location in Summerville

July 13, 2016

On Thursday, July 7, Crust Wood Fired Pizza opened its second location at 1097 N. Main Street in Summerville. Chef John Roskowski helms the kitchen as executive chef, with Chef Dusty Chorvat of Crust’s James Island location overseeing the menu. The new location will bring the same focus on fresh, seasonal preparations of wood fired pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, salads and handcrafted desserts that diners have come to expect from Crust.


In the 2,700-square-foot space, the Summerville location will offer dining room, chef’s counter and bar seating, as well as 22 seats on an outdoor, screened-in patio with access to the bar. The beverage program will consist of draft and bottled beer, wine by the glass and bottle, house made cocktails and a variety of soft drinks.


While diners will recognize many familiar dishes from the James Island location, there will also be a few additions unique to the Summerville menu, including pizza by the slice and the “County Line” burger. Crust’s pizza by the slice will be available individually and as part of a lunch special, which includes a small salad, drink and your choice of cheese or margherita slice for $9. Diners can add vegetables to their slice for $0.50 or meats for $1. The burger will available at lunch and dinner service, priced at $9 for a single patty and $11 for a double patty, and will be served with a side of handcut fries.

“We’re excited to bring Crust’s fresh, seasonal approach to wood fired pizzas and pastas to Summerville,” says owner Steve Watkins, “and look forward to becoming part of the community here.”

The Summerville location will be open daily for lunch and dinner service. Operating hours will be 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. The restaurant can be reached by calling 843.285.9157, and takeout orders can be placed by calling the same line.

Charleston Restaurant News Restaurant Openings

ICYMI: Persimmon Breaks Ground on 2nd Location

March 29, 2016

Last week, Rob Cassi–owner of one of Charleston’s most popular gourmet sandwich restaurants (and one of my favorite restaurants), Persimmon Cafe–broke ground to start construction on his new location in the Summerville Center (next to the new Earth Fare at 1097 Main St), and plans to open in early Summer 2016.


Spanning 1600 square feet with 40 seats inside and 20 seats on their patio, Cassi wants the Persimmon Cafe in Summerville to be an integral part of rising culinary scene as the city continues to develop and add several new restaurants.

Persimmon Cafe plans to hire 20-25 employees, all who will get health insurance and vacation pay.  This is a stand alone restaurant that, unlike the one downtown, will not share a space with a laundromat.

Persimmon Cafe in downtown Charleston is located at 226 Calhoun St. Charleston, SC 29401, and has fed the community for 3 years.

Follow on social media:
Instagram: @persimmoncafe
Twitter: @persimmoncafe

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