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Quote of the Week 6/17/13

June 17, 2013

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was awesome (albeit busy), with a bunch of people visiting from out of town. First Taylor came with 2 of her friends, and then Lauren came Friday night, and Cullen and Ben’s friends Saturday afternoon. It was a whirlwind of games, wine coolers, lounging by the beach, lounging by the pool, watching movies, and eating. Basically all of my favorite things.

This week’s quote is in honor of my weekend spent with good friends (both new and old). Enjoy!

“Cooking is not about being the best or most perfect cook, but rather it is about sharing the table with family and friends.”
–Skye Gyngell, My Favorite Ingredients

Which is especially true if you're cooking brussels sprouts. Gross.

Which is especially true if you’re cooking brussels sprouts. Gross.

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  • girlinafoodfrenzy June 19, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    Skye Gyngell. She should undoubtably be one of Australia’s living national treasures. Of course she doesn’t live here anymore, but still 😉

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