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Quote of the Week 2/5/18: National Call-In-Sick Day

February 5, 2018

Boy oh boy, how about that Super Bowl last night? I was pulling for the Eagles, so I quite enjoyed how the game ended, although TBH I was way more concerned with the quality of the commercials than the actual football. I absolutely loved the Tide Commercials, the Mountain Dew/Doritos mash up, and the Alexa commercial. Was really underwhelmed by JT’s performance (except Mirror, which is one of my all-time favorite songs). All in all, my favorite part of last night was probably my guacamole.

Now that’s a super bowl, if you ask me.

In honor of today being National Call-In-Sick Day, I thought I’d post a quote inspired by my favorite hangover food, Indian food (specifically paneer tikka masala). I know it’s a weird thing to crave when you’re hungover, but it always makes me feel slightly more like a human afterward. What’s your favorite hangover food?

“I don’t know about you, he said, but I could murder a curry.”
— Terry Pratchett

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