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Little Jack’s Tavern

February 9, 2018

So I read the same article that you probably read, calling Little Jack’s burger one of the best in the US and I’m here to tell you: The hype is real! They love the burger so much, in fact, that you can order it as an appetizer, an entree, or dessert, because it’s on all 3 menus!

I opted for the appetizer size of the Single Tavern Burger (American cheese, tavern sauce, sesame bun, $8) because I was told that the bun-to-meat ratio was better with a single than a double. I’ve eaten a lot of burgers in my life, so it would be hard to definitively say whether or not this was the best, but it was damn good.

The bun-to-meat ratio is very important.

We also split an order of Garlic & Herb Fries (sauce gribiche, $7), because you can’t order a burger without fries! The herbs were very strong on these fries, and it took me a few bites before I got used to the strong flavors. It was a lot of flavor on their own.

Although it takes a lot for me to *not* eat potatoes.

We also tried an order of the Baked Egg (celery root cream, peas, prosciutto, crusty bread, $12), and let me tell you: what a revelation! The sauce was fantastic (I think it would be amaaaazing over some pasta), and the soft cooked egg was so rich and decadent, it felt almost sinful. My one complaint is that they really need to give you more bread (or the option to have it over pasta, because dayum).

Seriously, give me this sauce on everything.

On a previous visit at lunch, I tried the Jack’s Chopped Salad with shrimp (kale, romaine, lots of vegetables, pickled onion, avocado ranch, $13. Add chicken $5, add shrimp $6 and crab $9). The salad was super fresh and really was packed full of veggies. The dressing was delicious and I loved it with the shrimp. What I didn’t love is that this salad cost me over $22 with tax and tip.

Then again, any salad that costs more than “free” is too expensive, IMO.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed the food at Little Jack’s. The burger and the baked egg are the 2 “must-try” items on the menu. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!


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  • Reply gazukes05 February 9, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    I’ve tried it! and I agree, the single stack is the BEST way to go. We also got the baked eggs as well and can’t agree more with you on the extra bread, and I didn’t even think to put the sauce over pasta. Dam good idea if you ask me! I’ll be back there with out of town guest in 2 weeks. Looking forward to it.

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