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Quote of the Week 1/8/18: New Year, Same Ole Me

January 8, 2018

Apparently it’s Monday again, but I’ve completely lost track of what day of the week it is after being on holiday break, followed by snow days (snow daze, amiright)…. I’m not even sure what year it is anymore. Is it still 2018? Still can’t believe all the snow we got, but it did give me a great opportunity to work on a giveaway with JORD (pronounced “yoad” as in “toad”) watches. Enter the giveaway here -> JORD giveaway

Also, if you watched the Golden Globes last night and can’t get enough of voting for things, it would be super amazing if you could nominate Queen of the Food Age as “Best Local Interest Blog” for Best of Charleston 2018!

This week’s quote comes from 70’s rock prodigies the Steve Miller Band and adequately sums up how I’m feeling about my new year’s resolutions only 1 week into the year:

“Somebody get me a cheeseburger!”
― Steve Miller Band

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