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Lazy Bean Coffee

April 28, 2015

As we get into the last week of Lowcountry Local First’s “Eat Local Challenge,” I really wanted to spotlight a cool local product that I think deserves more recognition. Lazy Bean Coffee is bottled, cold brew coffee that’s brewed in small batches right here in Charleston by 2 College of Charleston grads, Andrew London and my friend Max Boettcher.

Cue obligatory awkward-bridge-photo-shoot

Cue obligatory Cooper-River-Bridge-photo-shoot

Right now, Lazy Bean comes in 2 flavors, Original (a classic blend with cream & sugar) and Black. They’re both really mild and are a quick convenient way to get an extra shot of caffeine without sacrificing your soul to a certain coffee conglomerate I won’t name here.



I love the Original cream + sugar version because it tastes like what I want coffee to taste like. It’s not too sweet or too creamy, but is a really good balance of both flavors. It also lacks the “fakeness” that can often be found in other versions of pre-bottled coffees.

Although it do sometimes mistake the bottle for BBQ sauce.

Although it do sometimes mistake the bottle for BBQ sauce.

I’m not usually a fan of black coffee, but Lazy Bean’s version is super mild, without any of the bitterness that’s usually associated with straight up black coffee. If you’re a more avid coffee connoisseur who likes their coffee to punch them in the face in the morning, you might want a stronger brew, but for the casual coffee imbiber like me, it’s great.

I like my coffee like I like my men...

I like my coffee like I like my men…

Right now, you can buy both versions of the Lazy Bean blends at Mixson Market and the Veggie Bin in North Charleston. The guys also sell it in the night market on occasion. Keep up with their Facebook & Twitter accounts to see when they’ll be out around town.



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