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Taste & See North Carolina: Review

October 18, 2017

A few weeks ago, I received this awesome box from a cool, local company out of North Carolina called “Taste & See North Carolina.” The box is a quarterly subscription box that includes handpicked local products from artisans from our northern neighbor.


They have a few different options corresponding to the different cities in NC. You can choose from Asheville, Durham, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem. Since I’m a huge fan of Asheville, I opted for that particular box and was not disappointed! (P.S. use code FOODAGE at checkout, and you save $5!)

Let’s take a look inside the box!

You see, I taste. Then you order and you taste, too!

Ginger Spice Pancake Mix – Dolci di Maria
Black Mountain, NC

I’m one of those weirdo people who don’t really love plain pancakes, so I love that they sent this flavored pancake mix for me to try out. They were really yummy on their own (and even yummier when I added bittersweet chocolate chips). If you have a waffle maker and are also one of those weirdo people who don’t like pancakes, you can also use the batter to make ginger spice waffles, perfect for fall!

But really, what foods *aren’t* improved by chocolate

Peruvian Roast – Biltmore Coffee Roasters
Asheville, NC

In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of a coffee fiend. I’m always willing to pay a little extra for quality beans because they pretty much always lead to a tastier cup of coffee. This Peruvian roast definitely woke me up in the morning!

I might be what some people refer to as “an addict.”

Apple Butter, Imladris Farms
Fairview, NC

My Irish roots were so excited to see Celtic knots on the side of this jar! I was even more excited when I saw that it was apple butter, which is one of my favorite spreads in the morning. This apple butter was really yummy! A perfect balance of sweet, tang, and spice.

I love that I can pronounce (and ID) every ingredient in here!

Vanilla Bean-Infused Honey, Asheville Bee Charmer
Asheville, NC

I love honey, and this vanilla-infused honey was so luxurious and decadent. I couldn’t get enough! One morning, I made a vanilla bean-infused honey latte using the Peruvian coffee from Biltmore Coffee Roasters and it was un-bee-lievable (couldn’t help myself).

Oh, honey!

But wait, there’s more!

These boxes make a great gift for birthdays, special occasions, or for the upcoming holiday season!

Use code FOODAGE at checkout, and you save $5!

That means a taste of the awesome artisans throughout North Carolina for just $35 a box!


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