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Quote of the Day 2/20/12

February 20, 2012

Happy President’s Day, everyone! I suppose you’re all thinking that I’m going to put some kind of presidential food quote up today, but YOU’RE WRONG! I like to keep you guys on the edge of your seats. I don’t want to become predictable… you’ll all get bored, and I can’t be having that!

This weekend I spent 3 awesome days at Auburn University (War Eagle anyone? Cheers, Lauren). I got to meet a lot of Ben’s friends, and I loved all of them. I learned an awesome new party game (which I can’t wait to play again), I also got to walk around campus–it was beautiful, but it couldn’t have been any different from College of Charleston which was kind of overwhelming.

I had a DELICIOUS lemonade at Toomer’s Corner, but other than that, I didn’t really get to experience the local cuisine, which I kind of regret. But, I digress. This week’s food quote comes from a former Auburn student (thanks, Wikipedia, for gracing me with this knowledge). Even though he never officially graduated, I think he’s hilarious (and the only Auburn Alum who had any food-related quote that I could find online), and I can definitely relate to the following quote (perhaps a little too much).

“When you’re fat, you become an expert on restaurants.”

–Charles Barkley

More like "War Damn Dinner," am I right??

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