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Quote of the Week 5/22/17: Take Another Little Pizza My Heart

May 22, 2017

So this is a very special week indeed! Contributor and blogger bestie, Sydney Turnquist is about to get a new last name! Not because she’s running from the law, but because she’s getting married this weekend! It’s going to be a gorgeous ceremony (and I am going to take full advantage of the open bar).

In honor of her upcoming nuptials, I thought this quote from Dora J. Arod was appropriate. I don’t want to get too sappy as that’s not my style (unless I’m drunk, in which case it’s 100% my style), but I just have to say that I’m so excited and happy for Syd. She’s been an amazing blog partner and friend, and there’s no one I’d rather go on food adventures with. I’ll eat the tomatoes off your burger any time (that’s not a euphemism; get your brain out of the gutter).

“My love is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around.”
–Dora J. Arod

Although I’ve been told that there won’t be any pizza at the reception.

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