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Featured Foodie

Featured Foodie: Stephanie Burt

May 12, 2017

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve done a featured foodie, but I really feel like Charleston has so many awesome foodie people and I love them all so much and want you, my readers, to love them, too! This month’s Featured Foodie is fellow food writer, host of The Southern Fork podcast, former Pecha Kucha speaker, and all around awesome person, Stephanie Burt!

Image credit: Leslie McKellar

What inspired you to start taking writing about food?

I have been interested in “food media” since I was a child. I started reading Kathleen Purvis in the Charlotte Observer around middle school, and I watched Yan Can Cook and Julia Child all the time on PBS. Yep, really. I don’t have an explanation I’ve always been fascinated by how food connects us, the history of something, and how fun it is to learn about it, so although I never “planned” to make a living writing about food, looking back, I see that in many ways it was inevitable.

What was the scariest thing about starting your own podcast?

The technology! I had to learn something completely new. Yes, mics are plug and play these days, but editing, mixing, uploading, all that stuff and metadata too! I stretched my brain learning new skills.

What’s one of your biggest “Wins” you’ve accomplished in your food writing / Southern Fork career?

Hm. Well, somehow the timing worked out that the week I debuted my chat with Steven Satterfield, he won the JBF Best: Chef Southeast award, so that was great! And I was so happy!

For writing, I had a similar serendipitous moment this January when an essay in defense of feminine appetites came out on Extra Crisp the Monday after the women’s March on Washington.

What are some of your favorite spots in Charleston (restaurants/bars/etc)?

Now, it’s hard to choose, and you should know that! But I love Edmund’s Oast, The Grocery, FIG, and Wild Olive unequivocally. I’ve also had some great meals recently at The Macintosh and La Farfalle, and the Husk fried chicken makes my heart sing. The amaro selection is fab at Farfalle too, as well as at the Belmont, and if I am fancy, there is nothing like a drink at The Dewberry.

What is something you wish more people knew about the F&B scene in Charleston?

That’s it’s hard to work downtown, although that’s where the money is. Most places don’t pay for parking, so there’s that constant challenge, and the tourists can be rough on a restaurant, both front and back of house. Every week, I get to visit inside restaurants when they are not serving food and chat with the people about what they do. The feeling that I more often than not leave with is a sort of reverence for the calling when it’s done right. That’s why I’m excited about the FAB Workshop coming up, since it really is about helping industry women go to the next level.

Be sure to go listen to Stephanie’s podcast, The Southern Fork, and give it a great rating on iTunes so she can keep making it (and I can keep listening to it).

Featured Foodie

Featured Foodie: The Kale Whale

November 25, 2016

November is almost over and that means it’s time for another Featured Foodie! This month, I’m happy to share with you someone who I’ve admired from afar for sometime, and only recent had the opportunity to meet, Schanen Smith of The Kale Whale, which she runs with her BFF, Erin. Enjoy learning more about this awesome foodie!


What inspired you and your partner to create The Kale Whale?

Erin and I have been best friends since we met at AC’s (holla!) in 2007 and have always felt that we were soul sisters because of our likeminded-ness and optimism.  After college our lives took different directions, but we were reunited on a backpacking trip through Europe and decided we’d never let each other go again. We knew we’d work together in some capacity in the future. After two months in Europe together, Erin continued on to Hawaii to pursue her Masters degree in Dance Education and Wellness Management, while I mastered my social media and marketing skills in a corporate setting (and edited Erin’s thesis papers on the side). Throughout our years apart our values continued aligning in the aspects of health, wellness, and a positive mindset.


Friends who change the game together, stay together.

We reunited in Charleston in 2015 and created the Kale Whale brand to promote the power of plant-based eating in preventing and reversing disease. We do this through e-books, our social media platforms, our blog, and most recently YouTube videos (The Kale Whale Show!). Our approach to a healthy lifestyle (“detox to retox”) isn’t represented in the mainstream. So many people in the wellness industry come across as perfect and unattainable but we want to show people how easy and delicious it is to eat more veggies for your health, while also throwing back a martini or plate full of fries once in a while!  It’s all about giving people the knowledge and empowerment to take control of their lifestyle choices, and making good choices way more than you make bad choices!  Balance, baby.

What’s one thing you wish people knew more about their food?

I wish people knew that EVERYTHING you eat becomes part of you, and that by controlling the types of food you eat, you can take control of whatever ails ya! Once people understand this, they’ll be open to feeding their body what it needs to function at its highest potential, and they’ll realize that certain conditions (gas, bloating, acne, heartburn) are not “normal.” That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to how your food was grown (whether plant or animal) and to really be aware of what your body reacts negatively to. We talk about “anti-inflammatory” foods all the time and even created a free e-book as an introductory guide to eating more alkaline. (People get that e-book for free by joining our email list at


Idk what this is made of, but I want to eat it right meow.

What’s one of your biggest “Wins” you’ve accomplished in your blogging career?

Every time someone tells me that something we’ve shared has helped them, that is a huge WIN!  My goal is to get to the point where I’m pumping out content full-time that reaches people all over the world, and that we’ll be feeling those “wins” a lot more often!

What’s one of your favorite go-to healthy recipes or places to eat in Charleston?

I’m personally a big fan of bowls/casseroles (I’m not a pretty food plater, ha!), and I’d use the term “recipe” loosely since I never write any of these things down, but I love a zucchini lasagna or a cauliflower quinoa enchilada casserole. Something that makes a lot of leftovers! One of my favorite health-conscious places to eat in CHS is Verde because I love a big ass salad!


If this is “bad” plating, then I really have to step my game up.

What are you really craving right now?

I’m always craving Taco Boy nachos. Remember, balance 🙂


I’m craving nachos approximately 98.9% of the time that I’m awake.

Featured Foodie

Featured Foodie: Basil & Bubbly

October 24, 2016

October’s featured foodie is Marianne Rogers of Basil & Bubbly one of my favorite foodies and person to splurge with on lavish meals at Zero George.

How did you get your start?

I’ve always loved cooking and food, and have been everything from a professional cheese buyer to a coffee roaster to a cashier in a grocery store.  When I moved from a food-based career and went back to school for software development, I wanted an excuse to keep cooking.  Of course, I’d cook at home, but I wanted the accountability of a posting schedule.  I also wanted to showcase my software development skills by creating my own website.

Ultimately, the accountability failed, and I was too busy with my day job to keep up with it. Once things calmed down though, I’ve been really excited about it though, and that was over two years ago!  Now it’s less about making sure I’m still cooking and being creative, and more about sharing my recipes with my friends, family, and readers.


Fun story about this picture: Marianne and I were both up for an award based on Instagram photos. She won with this pic and I am TOTALLY NOT STILL BITTER ABOUT IT

What’s your favorite thing about being a food blogger?

Generally, I hate other people and am perfectly happy sitting in my living room, drinking champagne while watching Netflix with my husband and cats, but even I have to admit, I have met so many cool people through my food blog, so I guess that’s my favorite thing AND a really surprising thing!  It’s cool to meet someone and instantly know that regardless of what other differences we have, we all have this bond over great food. It’s an art, and it’s fun to appreciate it with others.


I feel like this is a pretty accurate depiction of our personalities.

You’ve definitely been to more Charleston food trucks than I have. What are some of your favorites?

I have an unhealthy obsession with Dashi.  Everything they make is amazing. EVERYTHING.  Recently, I’ve been a fan of getting two tacos: one chicken, one pork belly. I don’t even like pork belly usually, but they cook it perfectly.  If you’re trying them for the first time, those tacos are what I’d recommend trying.

I also really like Immortal Lobster; their Connecticut Roll is gloriously sinful.  I recently had that and some mid-range sparkling wine for dinner — it was divine: a perfect pairing.

If you’re ever in West Ashley, Auto Bahn is parked in front of Tin Roof full time now.  It’s hard to beat their Low ‘n Slow Banh Mi.  I wish they were still on the road, but there is something nice about knowing exactly where to get a killer Banh Mi all the time, too.

Unsurprisingly, I prefer the Maine roll.

Unsurprisingly, I prefer the Maine roll.

What’s one of your biggest “wins?”

It’s really cool to be scrolling through your Facebook feed or on Pinterest, and see that someone else thinks enough of your work to share it.  Recently my Corn Pudding was featured in Elle Decor, which was wild to me! I’ve also been featured in BuzzFeed, Country Living, Brit & Co, and POPSugar. Each time someone new features me, I’m absolutely over the moon.

The famous corn pudding!

The famous corn pudding!

What are you really craving right now?

Beef Wellington and a Rye Manhattan from Zero George.  Nachos and a Frozen Irish Coffee from Home Team. No, maybe the Nachos and Skinny Pineapple Margarita from Taco Boy. Champagne. Seared Scallops. Burrata. Not together. (Maybe together).

This is an impossible question. I can’t possibly narrow it down.  Wait, bucantini with heavy cream and pecorino romano.

Foodie Friends 4 Lyfe!

Foodie Friends 4 Lyfe!

Charleston, SC Featured Foodie

Featured Foodie: Lumpia Dad

September 23, 2016

There’s a shameful lack of quality filipino food in Charleston. But luckily, this month’s Featured Foodie, Jakie Blunt AKA the Lumpia Dad, wants to change that, one batch of lumpia at a time.


Photo: provided

I got to sample some of his homemade lumpia (made from a generation’s-old family recipe, and let me tell you: this stuff is delicious!


Festive plates not included.

When you contact Jakie, he gives you a whole batch (your choice of pork or beef), which he delivers frozen. You then take them home and cook them yourself in a little oil. It’s very easy and they make a great appetizer or snack! Jakie recommends you serve them with Mae Ploy Sweet Chili sauce (I didn’t have any of that, so I used some pepper jelly I had in the cupboard and it was also delicious).

Easy peasy!

Easy peasy!

In his own words:

“The lumpia recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. For me (and I imagine many other Filipinos) Lumpia isn’t just an awesome snack; it’s a way of life. My mom had 9 brothers and sisters so growing up in that kind of environment, there were a lot of cookouts. I can still remember gigantic bowls with Lumpia filling and family members of all ages sitting around the table rolling Lumpia and having a good time. I identified early on that Lumpia meant community. It meant bonding with your elders, getting and giving life advice, and hearing all of the latest gossip.



My mom shared the recipe with me when I was in my early 20s. With a family of my own, I took great pleasure in bonding with my daughter and wife, teaching them the techniques my mom taught me. When we moved to South Carolina I noticed that the availability of Filipino food was scarce and I couldn’t live without my Lumpia. So I decided to bring the spirit of community and bonding through Lumpia to the lowcountry!”

Order your own lumpia by contacting Jakie on Facebook or via email at:

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