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Warehouse Announces New Executive Chef

September 5, 2017

Chef Jason Daly will take over as Executive Chef at Warehouse in Charleston later this month. Relocating from Portland, Maine, where he served as Executive Chef at SALT, Daly will bring a new food concept to the popular, neighborhood eatery and bar – progressive fare inspired by European flavors and technique.

I just hope they don’t get rid of the deviled eggs!

Daly’s passion for modern interpretations of classic food and arts will be reflected in Warehouse’s new menu. With vast experience pairing cocktails and other flavors, Daly’s new menu will enhance the current bar program at Warehouse.

Daly explains, “The new direction of the menu will be a blend of old world European technique with new American flavors and ingredients – what I like to call “progressive Americana”. Pulling from my New England roots, the new menu will blend Low Country and New England styles.” Daly also has a love for brunch, which will be apparent in Warehouse’s new brunch menus.

Daly is a former Lowcountry resident, graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009. He then attended Le Cordon Bleu Boston, where he earned his AAS in Culinary Arts in 2011. Daly’s culinary career includes a position at Chef Michael Scelfo’s Russell House Tavern in Boston, stages at Gramercy Tavern, Perry Street by Jean Georges and Le Bec Fin by Georges Perrier. He served as sous chef at Timber Steakhouse, Maine’s premier steakhouse, which also touts New England’s largest bourbon selection. He also served as Executive Chef of Crooners and Cocktails, New England’s only Sinatra-style supper club.

The roll out of Warehouse’s new culinary concept will also bring additional food service hours. More details and chef Daly’s full menu are forthcoming.

Restaurant Reviews

HōM Charleston

September 1, 2017

So, HoM (pronounced like “home”) is one of those restaurants I’d always hesitated on reviewing because I’d had so many mixed reviews in the past. And while that was true like 5 years ago, the past few times I’ve been there, I’ve had a stellar experience. I think they’ve done a lot of improving over the past couple of years, in terms of both food, cocktails, and ambience.


I’ve been in a couple of times lately and been able to try a number of different items on their menu. I’ll go through each one individually! First, one of my favorite appetizers is the Calamari (fried with mixed greens, tomatoes, honey herb vinaigrette, lemon aioli, fried basil; $8).  The breading is really thin and crispy, and the calamari is cooked perfectly so it’s not too chewy. It’s great.

Lightly fried rubber bands have never tasted better.

Next up, the Vegetarian Flatbread (tomato jam, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomato, mozzarella, truffle vinaigrette, arugula;
I was a little skeptical at first, but this was actually really tasty. The bread is crispy on the bottom, but chewy throughout, and I absolutely loved the combo of the tomato jam, caramelized onions, and truffle vin.

I love flatbread because it’s basically pizza that I don’t have to feel guilty about eating.

I’ve also tried the Loaded Fries (chopped ground beef, creamy thai red curry, pepper jack, tomatoes, lettuce, roasted garlic sour cream; $10) which I really enjoyed. Last time I got these (like 2 years ago) they were super disappointing, but this new iteration is a sure winner. I am obsessed with the roasted garlic sour cream.

You had me at “loaded fries.”

On a healthier note, we also tried the Guacamole (grilled corn, chili-lime aioli, cotija cheese; $mrkt), which was tasty. It wasn’t the best guac I’ve ever had, but it was a solid option.

I’m so sorry for my use of flash, but it was hella dark in the back of the restaurant.

We split a few of the burgers amongst the group, my favorite of which was the Mr. Miyagi (two all beef patties, smoked avocado, fries, quick kimchee, sunny egg; $10). The combo of the smoked avocado, crispy french fries, and gooey sunny egg just makes for a delicious and perfect (albeit messy) burger.

Quite possibly the greatest food photo I’ve ever taken.

If you don’t like or aren’t feelin’ beef, the Green Gobblin’ Burger (house ground turkey burger, sautéed spinach & leeks, swiss, green goddess aioli, green apple; $10) is a great option. The crisp and brightness of the green apple balances out the oniony acidity of the leeks. I love a green goddess dressing, so the whole thing comes together in perfect harmony.

Why do most things get like 85% better when you add green apple to them??

Another great option if you’re not into meat is the Falafel Burger (fried with hummus, peanut relish, feta puree, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, tahini dressing; $9.5). I love the peanut relish because it complements the chickpea flavor of the falafel perfectly.

My falafel brings all the boys to the yard…

One of my favorite cocktails is the Warm Summer Day (gin, basil, cucumber, lemon; $7), which basically combines all of my favorite things. At $7 a cocktail, the pricepoint is hard to beat, especially on that end of King Street. Plus the flavor combination is perfect for late summer in Charleston!

I have a weird obsession with both lemonade and cucumber. It’s a problem.

All in all I think you get a lot of delicious food for a really reasonable price at HoM. I’m sorry I used to write it off, because it’s actually delicious. So if you haven’t been in a while, it’s time you gave HoM another try!

Burger + Pong is the new Dinner + a Movie via Facebook

Hōm Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Product Review Recipes

Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

August 30, 2017

I love trying out cool new local products. When YesiFoods (a local Charleston brand) owner Kim Oglesby reached out to invite me to try some of her “addictively different cheese spreads” I was 100% on board.


They have 4 different flavors: dill pickle, green chile, sriracha, and scotch bonnet (listed from mildest to spiciest). The cheese spreads are made using only hand shredded cheddar cheese (never any cream cheese) and are locally produced in North Charleston. My favorite, and their best seller, is the green chile.

But they’re all delicious.

In addition to being delicious eaten on its own with crackers, pretzels, or a spoon (don’t judge me), it makes a great substitute in any recipe in which you’d normally use cream cheese. With that idea in mind, I decided to make one of my favorite chicken enchilada recipes using the green chile cheese spread.

Any excuse to eat Mexican food, really.


  • 3 chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
  • 1 container of YesiFoods Green Chile Cheese, room temperature
  • Flour or Corn tortillas (I used both because the people I was cooking for had very strong tortilla opinions).
  • 2 cup of Herdez Guacamole Salsa, divided
  • 1 cup of your favorite salsa (I used Italian Rose Fresh Cilantro Salsa)
  • 1 cup of shredded Mexican cheese blend.


Preheat oven to 375. Combine your YesiFoods cheese spread, 1 cup of guacamole salsa, and shredded chicken together in a bowl and thoroughly combine. Add salt & pepper to taste.

Apologies for the blurry photo!

Spoon the chicken mixture into your tortillas. Pack tightly and wrap, fold side down in a casserole dish. Top with the 2nd cup of guacamole salsa, red salsa, and shredded cheese.

You can really pack it in tight. I got 6 flour tortillas and 4 corn tortillas in this casserole dish.

Bake for 20 minutes covered and 10 minutes uncovered or until your cheese is nice and melty. Let cool and serve! I served mine with Spanish-style brown rice and black beans.

Good luck not eating it all in one sitting.

It’s a little spicy, so if you’re sensitive to spice, you can choose a more mild version of salsa verde in place of the guacamole salsa.

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week 8/28/17

August 28, 2017

I had a wonderfully lazy weekend this weekend. I basically did nothing except lounge around the house and eat food. I had a friend come over and we watched lots of movies and it was positively blissful.

This week’s quote comes from Becky G. and sums up my idea of the perfect weekend:

“If I can, I love staying in pajamas all day and watching movies and eating good food.”
– Becky G.

I mean, is there anything more relaxing?


On Yesterday’s Tragedy

August 24, 2017

2 years ago, when 9 of my neighbors lost their lives at bible study, I was horrified that such hatred existed in the world. I was heartbroken, but was able to find reassurance at the same time by the response of the Charleston community. I didn’t know anyone who lost their life in that tragedy, so I was able to feel removed from it, to a certain extent.

Yesterday was different.

One of the things I love about my job is being able to meet members of the food & bev industry in Charleston and learning about what makes them tick. What their passions are. Why they love what they do. Every person is unique, and although I only interact with them for a short period of time, they leave an impact on me.

That’s why yesterday hit me so much harder.

I met Shane Whiddon last August while tasting the new breakfast menu at Virginia’s on King. When he came out to speak to me, I could tell he was the kind of person who was uncomfortable talking about himself; he was a bit reserved, but kind, friendly, and smiled throughout our entire 10-minute interaction. He got most animated when talking about his family, growing up eating fried chicken with his grandmother and how he wanted to be able to pass that tradition onto young sons. The breakfast menu at Virginia’s was very good, but what lingered on for me and what made an impression during my experience there was how passionate Shane was.

I don’t understand the kind of anger someone has to carry in their heart to take the life of someone else. It hurts me to my core.

Much like after the Charleston 9 tragedy, I take solace in the fact that the community of Charleston is close knit and treats each other like family. I’ve seen so many posts from different individuals and businesses that give me hope that love is much more prevalent than hate. There’s still a lot of hate: I’ve seen a lot of it today in comment threads, but I choose to think of those people as the exception, rather than the rule.

So rather than sink down into a negativity spiral, I’m going to post some messages from Charleston community that showcase what I love so much about this city and hope that we can heal together.

I don’t know when or if Virginia’s will open their doors again, but if they do, I will be there to order some of Chef Whiddon’s fried chicken and toast to his legacy.

He will be missed.

Product Review Product Round-Up

Products We Love: August 2017

August 23, 2017

Being a food writer comes with a lot of fun perks, not the least of which is the fact that a lot of companies send us fun food products to try out with the hopes that we share some of our favorites with our readers! I’ve been getting a lot more of these products lately, so we wanted to share with you some of our favorites that would be perfect for a Labor Day party, summer cookout, or just because!

Moore’s Marinade

Not all buffalo sauces are created equal, but Moore’s is definitely at the top of the list. I used a little bit of Moore’s to brush on some chicken right off the grill and I mixed it into this amazing dip my mother calls “crack dip” (pictured above). It’s basically cream cheese, shredded cheddar, bacon, and some Moore’s mixed together, baked, and served with your favorite chips or crackers. If you like Buffalo sauce, you’ll love Moore’s!

Where to buy:, Harris Teeter, Publix

Barely Bread

So I’ve been doing this thing on and off recently where I stop eating bread and try to do that whole “paleo” thing (it’s very half-assed on my part because giving up bread is hard). Luckily I discovered Barely Bread, which is paleo-friendly bread made with almond flour. They make baguettes, bagels, and regular sliced bread, and it’s actually pretty good. It doesn’t really compare to bread with actual gluten in it, but if you’re paleo or gluten-free, it’s a pretty legit substitute. I used it to make avocado toast, and I truthfully didn’t notice that it was without gluten.

Where to buy:

UFO Beer

I always worry about fruit-based beers that they’re going to be cloyingly sweet or have that super artificial medicine taste, but this Cranbeery beer from UFO is actually delicious. It has really subtle hints of fruit, so it doesn’t overwhelm your tastebuds. I took it to my friend Caty who is something of a beer snob, and she was just as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Where to buy: Total Wine, Harris Teeter, Bottles, Whole Foods

Carrington Farms Chia Seeds

I am already a huge fan of Carrington Farms’s coconut oil, so when I was sent some of their chia seeds, I was really excited to start adding them to my morning smoothie! They’re organic and full of Omega 3’s, which I’m told are good for me. They also have a ton of calcium in them, which, as a woman who rarely drinks milk, I definitely need more of.

Where to buy: Amazon,, Target, Publix

Restaurant Reviews

Eli’s Table

August 18, 2017

Last week, I was invited to dine at Eli’s Table, so I brought along my trusty sidekick, Cookin’ With Booze (well, technically Spurrier is my sidekick, but she had family in town and couldn’t join me, so Elise gladly volunteered).

Is there booze involved? Then Elise will be there.

I was, admittedly, underwhelmed at the thought of eating at Eli’s because I had a 2-star experience there at a RW meal a couple of years ago. I used to think of Eli’s as purely tourist fodder, but after the meal that I had last week, I have to say: I am a convertAs a food blogger, when I go to restaurants, they tend to up their game, but Eli’s knocked it totally out of the park.

We were greeted with champagne by the maître d’, Raymond, who had personality and charm oozing out of every pore (seriously, this guy rocks). He was super knowledgeable about every dish on the menu, which wines paired best with which dish, and details about every wine (in the whole world, I’m assuming). He’s also apparently one of the pastry chefs, and you can just tell that he loves the hell out of his job. (Plus he sounds almost exactly like Walton Goggins’s character in Vice Principals on HBO, so I was loving it).

Spoiler alert: This is not a photo of Elise and me, but it was the only photo I could find of Raymond.

We did a special tasting of many of the restaurant’s most popular dining options. To get us ready and excited, Raymond started us off with a little amuse bouche of smoked salmon on a house-made cracker with goat cheese and scallion. I’m not normally a fan of smoked salmon, but the creaminess of the goat cheese calmed the smokiness of the salmon, so it was quite enjoyable.

Stealing Elise’s photo because mine was pretty terrible. Which was a shame, because the dish itself was delicious!

To give us a taste of the best of Eli’s Table, Raymond brought us a plate of mini-versions of their most popular appetizers: the Prosciutto and Fig Crostini (local fresh figs, prosciutto, truffled goat cheese, pomegranate syrup; a normal-sized version of this app runs at $12). I’ve never had anything with prosciutto and goat cheese that I didn’t like, and this was no different. I really liked the salty/sweet/creamy combo. We also tried a mini version of the Grilled Asparagus Salad (frisée, blistered tomato peperonata, hearts of palm, mustard vinaigrette, crispy prosciutto; normally $12) in the form of a single piece of asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. The asparagus was cook so it was perfectly tender without being slimy (like what you get out of a can *yeck*).

3 more of these, please!

We also got to try a bit of the Shrimp and Grits (Smoked gouda grits, grilled shrimp, tasso gravy; normally $26). Our mini version was served beautifully in a martini glass, which I found charming and adorable. The grits were super rich and creamy and I loved the extra depth from the smoked gouda and tasso gravy. The shimp was perfectly cooked and had a little bit of spice to it… if you’re a fan of shrimp and grits, you’ll love Eli’s version!

Martini glasses are so versatile.

We also got to try their Southern Fried Crab Cake (Blistered tomato peperonata, remoulade sauce, frisée; normally $13 and only available on the lunch menu). Notice they don’t use any bread or crackers at all in their crab cake, which is refreshingly different. I loved that the outside was a little crispy and the remoulade had lots of flavor.

Sure to impress even people from Maryland!

My favorite course of the night was their Catch of the Day (Charleston “red rice risotto,” pickled green tomato-corn relish, crawfish butter; $29), which happened to be red snapper when we visited. The fish was cooked and seasoned beautifully, and was a perfect complement to the crawfish butter and red rice risotto. There was a nice bit of smokiness to the dish, which they add by using an applewood smoking gun on the sausage in the risotto, which really made the dish stand out. Even if you don’t like fish, I feel like you’d love this dish.

If all fish tasted like this, I’d eat fish everyday.

The final entree was one of their signature dishes (and one I see pop up on Instagram all the time): Duck and Waffles (Seared duck breast, sweet potato waffles, fried brussels sprouts, malted bacon glaze; $32). Because I’m a difficult person, this was probably my least favorite of everything we ate. There wasn’t anything inherently bad about it, I just found the gaminess of the duck to overpower the entire dish (and this is coming from someone who loves duck). The waffles on their own were really good, and the brussels sprouts were amazing, perfectly crispy and awesome with the malted bacon glaze.

Can I just get a bowl of brussels and malted bacon glaze kthx. 

We had a nice transition from savory into sweet with the duck & waffles, but my sweet tooth demanded more sugar. Raymond delivered with Crème Brûlée that was scorched at the table, which made me feel decadent and special (even though it’s something they do for everyone, but still). It was a stellar Crème Brûlée, and I highly recommend it!

Assuming you like some sugar with your sugar.

My favorite dessert (and probably my 2nd favorite thing I ate the entire meal) was a special chocolate dessert that Raymond made special for that day. Like me, Raymond is something of a chocoholic, and he really outdid himself with this dessert, chock full of Kahlua-soaked pound cake, house made vanilla bean ice cream, praline crumbles, fresh local blackberries, and, what I can only assume was all the chocolate syrup in a 5-mile radius. It was glorious.

I have seen heaven, and it is this chocolate trifle at Eli’s Table.

Everything, from the service to the food, was absolutely divine, and I would like to apologize to Eli’s Table for anything negative I’ve ever said about them in the past. I was wrong, and I’m sorry. I’ll be back for to try their mac and cheese in the near future, you can count on that!

Eli's Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Featured Foodie

Featured Foodie: Steve Seguin

August 16, 2017

Happy August, foodie friends! This month, I wanted to call out a local chef who’s been doing some amazing things around town (seriously, check him out), Steve Seguin. I discovered Steve when I was looking for someone to do a private dinner / cooking class for T-Quizzle’s bachelorette party (speaking, of which, I need to come up with a new nickname for her now that her last name has changed. Ideas welcome!). Steve came out to Edisto and did an amazing hands-on gnocchi making class and served us a world class 4 course dinner. Since then, I’ve stopped by a few of his pop ups, and they’ve all been fantastic, so you should definitely be sure to check him out!

Chefs > Strippers

What inspired you to start your pop-up dinner series, and where would you like to see it grow in the future?

So, first time I decided to do this was after I started seeing my friends hustle to start their own businesses, and try to be their own boss.  An old girlfriend and I started this about four years ago, calling ourselves “The Ciao Hounds.”  When we planned out our first dinner, we pulled in close to $300 each!  That’s when the light clicked on for me.  I get to share my love of food AND get paid?  Perfect.  We’ve since split up, but I’ve kept on cooking.  It’s been tough rolling solo this last year or so, but I finally feel that I’m picking up some momentum and and just going to keep hustling!  I’ve met a lot of great people who are supportive and they help keep me going.  Look for me at PROOF on King Street on August 17th!

I am currently working on Piacere, my pop up meals.  Piacere means two things to me.  One is a friendly, informal greeting.  It’s means, “Pleasure to meet you.”  It’s also literally means pleasure.  So, I am welcoming you into a place where you can relax and enjoy a good meal, filled with delicious tastes, and it also refers to the pleasure you derive from the meal.

When you’re not cooking, where do you like to hang out?

Selfie Game Strong

When I am not cooking, I need to unwind.  Lately, I’ve been spending time with my girl, seeing shows, going to movies, cooking at home, or whatnot.  I also like to ride my bike around town and just generally be outdoors.  Taking my dog to the park, heading to the beach, reading a new book, taking a roadtrip and making new friends.  I recently reached out to Fiorenzo, one of the founders of CBFB Tablescapes studios, who invited me in to meet him and chat one day.  Such a warm and generous man.  Can’t wait to get in there and learn how to work with some kiln-fired pottery!  I like to do new things, meet new people, so my life doesn’t get boring.  There’s too much to see and do in this world!  My grandmother always said, “are you bored, or are you boring?”

 What’s one of your biggest “wins” that you’ve accomplished in your food career?

I’d say one of the biggest wins so far is over the past five years or so, really growing into a better cook and learning to trust my creative instincts.  Making food for my peers, having them taste it, and getting that nod of approval; that “Mmmmm, that’s good” face, is a big win.  I got to compete in a San Pellegrino Young Chef competition in culinary school, where I won the school competition, and was sent to Atlanta to compete for the regional title.  Long story short, I didn’t win that day.  However, I learned that sometimes when you don’t win, you can still come out on top by taking something positive away from a scenario.  From that scenario, I met Linton Hopkins, Gerry Klaskala, Kevin Rathbun and Ford Fry.  They were all very impressed with my dish, and even a couple of them came up to ME and said “Man, I really wanted you to win.  Your dish was REALLY good!”  That lit me up like a Christmas tree!  It was so encouraging!

What inspires your menus?

My menus are inspired by things I have tasted and learned over the course of my lifetime, and keeping my mind open to new things as well.  My taste memories as a child (for example, I love milkshakes, particulary a chocolate malt.  The Malted milk and honey pana cotta I recently made was a play on that.  The malted milk custard, chocolate meringues as well as a homemade chocolate shell, strawberries, and a peanut butter crumble.)  I love those flavors!  You’ve got a play on words with “Milk and honey,” chocolate shell which was an old ice cream shop stand by (who doesn’t love crunchy chocolate, amiright?) and peanuts and strawberries.  Flavors that all play well together, but come together in a new way.  I like to play with those old taste memories, and get them to you in a different format.  You can see that flicker of recognition of people’s faces, like “Where have I had this before?”  That’s fun for me!

And also, sometimes I just see a new technique I want to try.  Like making a new pasta shape, or using a flavored liquid to make pasta instead of water. (Saffron and vegetable stock, for example)  I am also inspired by other chefs.  I’m inspired by lots of things, and by keeping my eyes open and having a certain sense of playfulness and childlike curiosity, I keep new ideas coming along!

Who’s your food hero?

My mother, 100%.  When my sister and I were growing up, my Mom always made our birthday cakes, as well as birthday dinners.  She always had a little something in a Tupperware container on the kitchen counter.  Even though she was going to school, and raising two kids, and being a Mom and a wife, she ALWAYS found time to have a little treat for us.  That could have been chocolate chip cookies, No-bake cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, Rice Krispie treats, brownies, banana muffins (my favorite), a huge spread of Christmas cookies, or any number of other little treats!  I remember one year, right after I moved to Charleston, I was sending my Mom a birthday card, and had no idea what to say in the card.  So, as I slowly let my thoughts come to me, I was tending to a pan of banana bread in the kitchen, and the AH-HA moment came:  I got my love of sharing food with others from her.  I remember one night, sneaking into the kitchen for a little refrigerator raid, and seeing that my Mom was asleep, face-down in her school book, on the kitchen table.  She was getting her degree in Special Education at the time.  She always put us first, wanted us to be happy.  Just from her wanting to make us a little snack.  To her, making us happy was so very important.  She made those goodies, and birthday cakes, and all of those birthday meals because she LOVED US.

I love sharing my food with others, because to me, Food Is Love.  My mom taught me that.  I love making that connection with my friends, my guests, co-workers, and anyone else who will let me cook for them!

Dinner…last night… #pastafresca… #vealMarsala. #onpoint. #makingmemories #makepastanotwar #thatsateeshirt #chseats

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What are you really craving right now?

Finally, what am I craving right now?  Hmm, well it’s 3:33 am, and I’m always craving Pizza.  Now that I think about it, chips and salsa could be good, too.  Or a ham and cheese sandwich…  perhaps a handful of pretzels… maybe a spoonful of the Horchata ice cream I have in my freezer… this time of the day, just about anything!  (but seriously though, a margherita pizza with some spicy soppressata would be the BOMB right now!)

Having some #pun with my #sister. Last vacation photo I swear! #familymatters #punnyjoke #forfoxsake #awwnuts

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Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week 8/14/17: Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

August 14, 2017

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been a bit busy this month (hence this being only my second post in 2 weeks… yikes!). I’m trying to get back into the groove of things now that I’m not traveling all over the place! I’ve made some changes in my life lately, and things are finally starting to settle down, so hopefully I’ll be able to create a schedule and stick to it!

This week’s quote is in honor of the fact that I spent a wonderful weekend with great friends this past weekend and this upcoming weekend, I’ll have friends coming in from DC for the Eclipse!

“You can’t just eat good food… you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”
— Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

And you can’t be friends with me unless you want to eat and talk about good food.


Eclipse 2017: Charleston Party Round-Up

August 2, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve heard that there’s a total solar eclipse making it’s way across the US from coast to coast on August 21st. It will reach totality in Charleston around 2:46 pm, plunging the Holy City in darkness and being utterly awesome. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and Charleston is definitely ready to celebrate it. (PS don’t forget to order your eclipse viewing glasses!).

[This list will be updated as more events are added. Last update 8/17, 2:59 am]

Daniel Island

Daniel Island Library

August 21, 1 – 2 pm, free admission

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible in the continental United States. This total eclipse will only be visible on a narrow track stretching across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. No other country will get to see the total eclipse this time and parts of the Lowcountry are in the direct path! Join BCLS for this historical event.

We are throwing parties to celebrate the solar eclipse and want you to join us. Glasses for safely viewing the total eclipse will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t forget to grab a space-themed treat while you’re there!

Don’t have the proper glasses or equipment? No problem! Come to the library and watch the live stream.

MUSC Health Stadium

August 21, 11 am – 5 pm, tickets $8

Gates open at 11:00 am- Eclipse is in the two o’clock hour. The family friendly event will include eclipse live streams, astronomy related activities, a science-based kids zone, local food, drinks, entertainment & more. Tickets are $8 for adults. Admission is free for 12 & under, Military personnel, & first responders. All tickets include Solar Eclipse glasses.

Downtown Charleston

The Alley

August 20, 8 pm – 2 am

On Sunday, August 20 the lanes are getting lit before the sky goes dark. Before the 2017 Solar Eclipse, Charleston’s most loved bowling alley, The Alley is hosting a special edition of their Light Up The Lanes event to celebrate the Eclipse.

They will be lighting it up with cosmic bowling complete with lights, lasers out of this world beats from DJ Precise. Guests can call to reserve a lane at 843-818-4080.

Bay St. Biergarten

August 21, 1 – 4 pm, free admission

4 Facts You Should Know about the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse:

  1. This will be the first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 38 years. The last one occurred February 26, 1979.
  2. A solar eclipse is a lineup of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth. The Moon, directly between the Sun and Earth, casts a shadow on our planet.
  3. This eclipse will be the most-viewed ever. Because of media, weather and access from nearby large cities.
  4. The best place to be for a Solar Eclipse Party is Bay Street Biergarten.

Join us at Biergarten on Monday, August 21st from 1pm – 4pm for a Solar Eclipse Party complete with drink specials from on Reyka Vodka, Flor De Cana Rum & a delicious wit bier called Scattered Sun. Plus, it will all be accompanied by beats by DJ Rehab.

The Brick

August 21, 1 – 5 pm

Total Eclipse Of The Heart 80s themed Eclipse viewing party

  • outdoor patio
  • eclipse glasses
  • DJ Arenaissance
  • Free admission
  • $4 Lunazul cocktails and other drink specials.

Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill

August 21, 12 – 4 pm, free admission

On Monday Aug. 21 from noon – 4pm we invite you to party with us in our side lot and witness a once in a life time celestial event.

Guests will enjoy while enjoying craft cocktails from Absoult, Jim Beam Black, and Hornitos Black Barrel, while listening to beats by Mike Tech.

Cannon Green

August 21, 1 – 4 pm, admission $50 – $60

What is better than seeing a once in a lifetime total solar eclipse? Adding yoga, friends and champagne to the mix. Join us in the beautiful courtyard of Cannon Green on August 21 to celebrate the eclipse in sweaty style.

12:30: check in

1-2 pm: Yoga in the courtyard lead by Redux Yoga owner & 2010 World Champion Griffin Peddicord

2 pm: Enjoy Moët & Chandon spa cocktails and light fare

2:45 pm: Eclipse viewing in the Cannon Green courtyard with protective viewing glasses

This event is proudly sponsored by Moët & Chandon Champagne, Redux Yoga and Cannon Green. Bring a mat and see you there!

Caviar & Bananas

$8 eclipse-themed cocktail.

Prosecco topped w/ Pure Fluff cotton candy ball. The cotton candy is mixed berry flavor and made with activated charcoal. Once the ball is dropped in the drink, it dissolves and turns it gray (see attached). The charcoal has a detoxifying affect. Pure Fluff Co. is based in Charleston and owned by Arielle Stratton. Her products are available at C&B and come in super fun flavors.

Additionally – C&B is offering a special Eclipse catering package (I’ve attached details). This is great for folks who are picnicking to watch the Eclipse or are hosting parties and want some easy food options. It comes with choice of sandwich or salad, one side, and a Black & White cookie. The package also includes Eclipse glasses, a glow in the dark straw, and glow in the dark cup. Orders have to be placed by Friday 8/18 at noon.


Charleston Boat Adventures

August 21, admission varies

—–Book a Boat tour with us today!—–

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. This path, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun’s tenuous atmosphere – the corona – can be seen, will stretch from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is to be right in it’s path with NASA holding their headquarters here for the day it’s gonna be spectacular. Catch this once in a lifetime opportunity while relaxing in the boat on the Charleston harbour or relaxing on a remote barrier island. Book today before it’s to late and catch this spectacular event in style and on the water. Call (843)364-1566 for Reservations.

Charleston Harbor Club

August 21, 12 – 3 pm, admission is $65 for adults and $40 for children

Enjoy a total solar eclipse experience including: Chef Montgomery’s out of this world eclipse menu, solar eclipse glasses, sun souvenirs, and the view of a lifetime!

$65++ per person
Price includes lunch, solar eclipse glasses, sun souvenirs, and the view of a lifetime!

Lunch from 12:00-2:00 p.m. in the Palmetto Room followed by a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party on the Rooftop Terrace from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Chef Montgomery’s “Out of This World” Lunch Menu:

  • Mini Lobster Rolls on “Crescent Moon” Buns
  • Moon Crater Deviled Eggs with “Pitch Black” Caviar
  • Quail, Knots, Cream “Moon Struck” Grits, Goat Cheese, Barbeque Glaze
  • Crabcake Biscuit, Cajun Remoulade, Crisp Green Tomato
  • Mason Jar Chopped Salad
  • Local Shrimp & Grits with Andouille “Lunar Gravy”
  • Herb Roasted Beef Tenderloin
  • “Total Eclipse” Potato Chips
  • Pan Seared “Moon Fish”
  • Moon Pies
  • Flying Saucer Fruit Tarts
  • Coconut Comet Macaroons
  • Cosmic Brownies

Cocktail Club

  • Eclipse-themed cocktail TBD

Cooper River Brewing

August 21, 1 – 4 pm, free admission

Another epic day Party coming your way for the Total Solar Eclipse!
Watch the total ecplipse from the best spot down town, the bridge to Nowhere. Overlooking the Ashley River will be the place to be. Saluda Shoals and Lauren Hall will be throwing down in the taproom before and after. More details to come!

Eleve at The Grand Bohemian Hotel

August 21, 12 – 4 pm, admission $65

Hope we’ll see you… in the shadow!!! Chandon Eclipse Viewing Party @ Eleve Rooftop

Reservations required, limited availability.  Doors open at noon, eclipse viewing from 1-4pm. Lunch is a buffet from 12-2pm in Eleve restaurant, followed by the Solar Eclipse viewing party on the rooftop terrace from 2-3pm.

$65/person includes Chef Ryley’s eclipse menu, solar eclipse glasses, Chandon Etoile special feature will be poured by the glass and the view of a lifetime!

Fleet Landing

August 21, 12 – 4 pm, free admission

The Great American Solar Eclipse is coming up on August 21st, and Charleston is the #2 destination on the path of totality! Join us in the parking lot for beer, food, music, and prime viewing of the main event from Noon – 4 pm on August 21st! No cover, and we’ll have glasses to protect your precious peepers

Check out the Charleston Magazine guide to the Eclipse!

Gentry Bar & Room

Sunday August 20, 10 pm – close and Monday August 21, 4pm – close

The Gentry Bar will be hosting a Pre-party: Blinded By The Light party Sunday, August 20 featuring live music from David Higgins from 10pm – close.

After Party: Monday August 21 from 4pm – close, with Light The Night featuring beats from DJ Trevor D starting at 9:30pm.

The eclipse inspired menu will include:

  • Solar Fondue – Chef’s pimento cheese fondue served with caramelized toast points, pickled vegetables, house smoked sausage.
  • Sun Sliders – game changing fried chicken with secret sauce
  • Moon Rolls – gourmet pigs in a blanket with house made sweet and savory dipping sauce
  • Sun Chips – fried to perfection with house dipping sauces
  • Moon Pies – Classic and house made for the sweet tooth.


  • “Eclipse Pie” featuring squid ink on Monday Night.

The Macintosh

  • Happy hour from 2 – 7 pm
  • Half-priced wine all night long!

Mercantile & Mash

  • Half-priced black coffee all day
  • Moon pie special


  • Open from 11 am – 3 pm for lunch service

Pounce Cat Cafe

August 21, 2 – 4 pm, admission $50

Join us at the cafe to view one of the rarest celestial events…with kittens! The Dark Side of the Mewn Eclipse Party will be full of kitties, drinks, and giveaways, and the event will take place from 2:00 to 4:00 on Monday, August 21st!

Tickets for the Dark Side of the Mewn Party are $50 per person and include:
– A pair of Pounce eclipse sunglasses to peep the phenomenon
– Open bar with beer, wine, champagne, coffee, and tea
– Unlimited snuggles with a room full of kittens

Revelry & Tradesman Brewing

August 21, 12 – 10 pm, free admission

Join Revelry & Tradesman Brewing for a total solar eclipse party. “The Gathering” will take place Monday August 21st 2017 beginning at 12PM. Both breweries will be brewing special beers just for this event that are sure to play with your eyes just as the solar eclipse will.

This is a great opportunity to check out Tradesman’s new space at 1647 King St Ext and Revelry’s Rooftop Bar at 10 Conroy St. Downtown.

Yes, a dual-location party. Expect the partial eclipse to begin at 1:16pm and a total eclipse 2:46pm!

Victor Social Club

August 21, 12:30 – 3:30 pm, admission to USBG members only

Party for the USBG

  • Eclipse glasses
  • Honey-inspired Barr Hill eclipse cocktails
  • Honey-inspired hors d’oeuvres
  • Raffles and prizes
  • Sponsored by Caledonia Spirits
  • USBG Members RSVP to

James Island

Famulari’s Pizzeria and Brewpub

August 21, 11:00 am – 10:30 pm, free admission

Skip the craziness of the beach and come on down to the Brewpub for our Total Eclipse of the Pie event! Watch the breathtaking eclipse from the comfort of Fam’s beautiful back patio. We’ll have drink specials, eclipse glasses, pizza specials, and much more.

Suga Shack Mosquito Beach

August 21, 12:00 – 8:00 pm, free admission

PTG and CharlestonGood present the first ever SEED Concert! We will be experiencing the Solar Eclipse along with Entertainment and Dance! Featuring many guest musical performances, culinary art, and much more!

If you would like to donate to our cause please visit { }

Mount Pleasant

Red’s Ice House

August 21, 12:30 – 5:30 pm; free admission

The Good Times Duo (feat. Jayson Sabo & Mike Reid) eclipse viewing glasses

The after party will take place at Red’s Ice House where guests can keep the party going on the dock with live music from Taco Donkey.

Tavern & Table

August 21, 12:30 – 5:30 pm; free admission

The Good Times Duo (feat. Jayson Sabo & Mike Reid) eclipse viewing glasses

The after party will take place at Red’s Ice House where guests can keep the party going on the dock with live music from Taco Donkey.



West Ashley

Citadel Mall

August 21, 1:00 am – 3:00 pm, free admission

West Ashley’s only FREE Official NASA approved viewing location. FREE eclipse glasses for the first 500 people, sponsored by Trademark Properties Real Estate Services.
Fun for the entire family, food trucks, inflatables, games, entertainment and more! All benefiting Darkness to Light!

Middleton Place

August 21, 10:30 am – 4:00 pm, free with paid admission to Middleton Place

View the Great American Solar Eclipse at Middleton Place. Join in for fun activities and crafts throughout the day for scientists of all ages and learn from Jenny Mantini, Arts & Sciences Faculty at the College of Charleston, Astronomy, about how man’s early understanding of the cosmos shaped history. Free eclipse-viewing glass for the first 500 guests. The Middleton Place Restaurant will serve lunch outside for guests who don’t want to miss the view as the eclipse begins around 1 pm.

Eclipse activities are free with paid General admission to Middleton Place.

Rick Hendrick Chevrolet

August 21, 2:00 – 3:00 pm, free admission

Join us for this awe-inspiring celestial event in historic Charleston, SC! From 2:38 – 2:46 EDT, visitors from all across our region will be will be able to view a total solar eclipse with the best view off of Savannah Highway at Rick Hendrick Chevy. The first 75 guests will receive VIP Viewing at this event open to the public, including complimentary protective eyewear! Stay tuned for event updates and available prizes! Limited supplies available!

St. Andrews Park & Playground

August 21, 2:00 – 3:00 pm, free admission

St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground is hosting a once in a lifetime, totally awesome event on 8/21/17 for the Solar Eclipse!

  • FREE ADDMISSION for viewing!
  • Bring your own tent, blanket and chairs. Viewing area will have music, food trucks, concessions, yard games and more.
  • We will also have a Kidz Zone filled with crafts and water inflatables for a $5.00 fee. Bring your bathing suit! Adult supervision is required for Kidz Zone with no admission fee.
  • For more information or 843-763-4360


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